SELFLIST CONSTITUTION. SelflJST seeks to change the way the public buys, sells, and lists all things in a legal and socially responsible way. Our website is different in that we don’t go out of our way to keep you here. We provide embedded links to speed you along on your SelfLISTing journey. Because we are making a website that serves our users in a fair, fun, and transparent way, we do have a few easy rules to keep things running smoothly.

LICENSING. SelfLlST grants its user a limited nonexclusive right to use the SelfLIST website for the purpose of making categories and listing virtually anything that is legal and socially responsible. Users agree not to sell or license any part of the SelfLIST website or its content. SelfLIST may distribute, divulge, copy, display and make derivative works from any categories or listings that are placed on SelfLIST.

FEES. All fees charged by SelfLIST are non-refundable and are based on the number of listings days purchased by the lister. The listing days have no value except on the SelfLIST website. The cost for each listing day is $0.25 and may be increased or decreased depending on the number of listing days purchased. Each user is given 1,000 free listing days per account. 1 listing day may only be used for one 24 hour listing. Once a listing is active, it cannot be modified. It can only expire or be delisted by the lister. After a listing expires, the lister can relist it by using their available listing days. Listing days will not be prorated or refunded for early delisting by the lister or by SelfLIST. SelfLIST may delist any category or listing for any reason. Fees will be charged to the lister through the lister’s Paypal® account or through a credit card associated with Paypal®.

USE OF WEBSITE. User agrees not to collect SelfLIST categories or listings or proprietary information contained in the website. User agrees that SelfLIST may moderate categories or listing content though no obligation on the part of SelfLIST to do so is created hereunder. SelfLIST specifically disallows the copying, reverse engineering, modifying of website code or the integration of any SelfLIST proprietary code with any third party. SelfLIST reserves the right to notify federal, state, or local authorities about any category or listing, it determines, in its sole discretion, to be unlawful or actionably defamatory, without notice.

DISCLAIMER AND LIABILITY WAIVER. All users of the SelfLIST website agree to the following:

1. SelfLIST makes no promises regarding the accuracy of the category or the listings activated by the lister or the completeness or accuracy of the category or the listing ultimately reflected on SelfLIST.

2. Liability for the content of any category or listing is that of the lister and not that of SelfLIST.

3. SelfLIST is not liable to the lister or any third party for any damages, direct or consequential, arising from the content of any category or listing.

4. To the fullest extent of the law. the user hereby waives any claims against the officers, directors, shareholders, employees, agents, legal counsel or any other party, directly or indirectly for any loss or damage sustained by the user or third party in connection with the use of this website.

PROPRIETARY PROPERTY. The name and SelfLIST are licensed through New Internet Ventures, LLC, the owner of the website. Any unauthorized use of any intellectual or proprietary property of New Internet Ventures, LLC is strictly prohibited by law.